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12 Laundry Mistakes to Avoid

Using an Excessive Amount of Detergent When you use too much detergent, scents might get trapped in your clothes. It can also make the clothes

How to Make the Most of a Laundromat

To be honest, nobody looked forward to wash day until today. Washing your clothes may be painless, if not downright enjoyable, with the correct instructions

How to operate a coin operated washer

COIN-OPERATED WASHER DIRECTIONS STEP 1  Load your clothes into your chosen washer, but don’t overfill it or your garments won’t wash or rinse correctly. Duds-n-Suds

Why do we need laundromats?

What is a laundromat, and why do we need a good self-service laundry provider? In this article, we will discover why laundromats are a must

Cold Water Laundry

THE BENEFITS OF A COLD WATER WASH To save money and the environment, Tide has been running commercials encouraging people to wash their clothes in