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How to operate a coin operated washer



Load your clothes into your chosen washer, but don’t overfill it or your garments won’t wash or rinse correctly.

Duds-n-Suds Tip – Make sure you have enough area to fit your fist through the door or a football to sit on top of your clothes.


Put these in the trash, not the soap dispenser.

Is it better to use liquid or powdered detergent and softener? Toss your goods into the bin at the top of the washer as directed.


Select the temperature you want to wash at, as well as any other wash or rinse options you prefer. The price of the display will alter as a result of this.  (Once the cycle has been purchased, the washer door cannot be opened.)

If the price is acceptable, simply place the appropriate number of quarters in the coin drop on the machine’s right side. Allow each quarter to drop for a few seconds. Make sure there are no coin jams. The machine will start after the correct amount of money is inserted.

When the wash cycle starts, it will offer you an estimate of how long your wash will take.