How to Make the Most of a Laundromat

To be honest, nobody looked forward to wash day until today. Washing your clothes may be painless, if not downright enjoyable, with the correct instructions (and the right laundromat). You can become a laundromat pro by planning ahead, bringing the essentials, and learning all the inner secrets.

Getting Ready for the Laundromat
Take a few moments before leaving the house to make sure you’re completely prepared. Nothing is more aggravating than loading your dirty clothing into the laundry only to realize you’ve forgotten to add detergent. Here is a handy checklist:

  • Fabric Softener Laundry Detergent
  • Dryer Sheets Bleach
  • Returning clean bags or hampers
  • Hangers
  • Small notes or coins for exchanger machines
  • A source of amusement (magazines, book, phone and charger, computer, etc.)
  • Snacks you can purchase on-site
  • Laundry that has been pre-sorted

Sorting your clothes before going to the laundromat provides a lot of advantages. Laundromats typically have limited space, which might make sorting difficult if you have a lot of garments to clean. Instead, separate your clothes at home and prepare them ahead of time. Colors and whites should be kept separate, and towels, sheets, and blankets should be washed in their own load. Make sure you’re placing things in the proper pile by paying attention to labeling and specific cleaning directions.

Another advantage of pre-sorting is that you can quickly drop your clothing into accessible washers and start the cycle once you get at the laundromat, allowing you to get out faster. You may even go one step further by measuring detergents for each load ahead of time.

Tips & Tricks for Laundromats
When going to the laundry, make sure you have everything you need, read the machine directions carefully, be respectful to others, and ask an attendant any questions you have. In addition, to prevent turning a short activity into a laundry disaster, make sure you follow these guidelines.

Choose an excellent laundromat: Not every laundromat is the same. Duds-n-suds, which has new machines and sophisticated improvements, will not only ensure that your laundry is washed properly, but will also provide you with laundromat amenities that will make laundry day more enjoyable.

Check your pockets: Nothing is more damaging to a load of laundry than a pen or tube of lipstick left in your pants pocket. Before you put your pockets in the machine, double-check them. Major disasters can be avoided in a matter of seconds.

Check the machine: Just as things get left behind in your pockets, items get left behind in the laundry machine. Before putting clothes in a washer or dryer, inspect it completely.

Customize cleaning cycles: Not every item requires a thorough cleaning. When washing lightly dirty, ordinary clothes, a quicker, simpler wash is sometimes all that’s required. Overwashing your garments can create unnecessary wear and tear, waste water, and money.

Plan your errands carefully if you’re doubling your laundry trip to complete a few tasks. If you leave your clothing in the machine for too long, they may be thrown out.